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"""Classes for the SR v4 Power Board."""

from enum import Enum
from time import sleep
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Mapping, Optional, Set, Type, cast

from j5.backends import Backend
from j5.boards import Board
from j5.components import (

if TYPE_CHECKING:  # pragma: no cover
    from j5.components import (  # noqa: F401

[docs]class PowerOutputPosition(Enum): """ A mapping of name to number of the PowerBoard outputs. The numbers here are the same as used in wire communication with the PowerBoard. """ H0 = 0 H1 = 1 L0 = 2 L1 = 3 L2 = 4 L3 = 5 FIVE_VOLT = 6
class PowerBoard(Board): """Student Robotics v4 Power Board.""" name: str = "Student Robotics v4 Power Board" class AvailableFeatures(Board.AvailableFeatures): """Features available on the board.""" BRAIN_OUTPUT = "brain_output" # Brain is powered from L2 REG_5V_CONTROL = "5v_control" # 5V output is controllable def __init__(self, serial: str, backend: Backend): self._serial = serial self._backend = backend self._outputs: Mapping[PowerOutputPosition, PowerOutput] = { output: PowerOutput( output.value, cast("PowerOutputInterface", self._backend), ) for output in PowerOutputPosition if self._output_is_controllable(self.features, output) } self._output_group = PowerOutputGroup(self._outputs) self._piezo = Piezo(0, cast("PiezoInterface", self._backend)) self._start_button = Button(0, cast("ButtonInterface", self._backend)) self._battery_sensor = BatterySensor( 0, cast("BatterySensorInterface", self._backend), ) self._run_led = LED(0, cast("LEDInterface", self._backend)) self._error_led = LED(1, cast("LEDInterface", self._backend)) @staticmethod def _output_is_controllable( features: Set['Board.AvailableFeatures'], output: PowerOutputPosition, ) -> bool: """ Determine whether we should be controlling an output. :param features: The features available on the backend. :param output: The output to check :returns: True if we can control the output. """ if PowerBoard.AvailableFeatures.BRAIN_OUTPUT in features and \ output is PowerOutputPosition.L2: return False if PowerBoard.AvailableFeatures.REG_5V_CONTROL not in features and \ output is PowerOutputPosition.FIVE_VOLT: return False return True @property def serial_number(self) -> str: """ Get the serial number of the board. :returns: Serial number of the board. """ return self._serial @property def firmware_version(self) -> Optional[str]: """ Get the firmware version of the board. :returns: Firmware version of the board. """ return self._backend.firmware_version @property def outputs(self) -> PowerOutputGroup: """ Get the power outputs. :returns: Group of power outputs attached to the board. """ return self._output_group @property def piezo(self) -> Piezo: """ Get the piezo sounder. :returns: Piezo object attached to the board. """ return self._piezo @property def start_button(self) -> Button: """ Get the start button. :returns: Start button attached to the board. """ return self._start_button @property def battery_sensor(self) -> BatterySensor: """ Get the battery sensor. :returns: Battery sensor attached to the board. """ return self._battery_sensor def make_safe(self) -> None: """Make this board safe.""" self._output_group.power_off() def wait_for_start_flash(self) -> None: """ Wait for the start button to be pressed and flash. The LED will remain on once the start button has been pressed. """ counter = 0 led_state = False while not self.start_button.is_pressed: if counter % 6 == 0: led_state = not led_state self._run_led.state = led_state sleep(0.05) counter += 1 # Turn on the LED now the button has been pressed. self._run_led.state = True @staticmethod def supported_components() -> Set[Type[Component]]: """ List the types of components supported by this board. :returns: Set of components supported by the board. """ return {PowerOutput, Piezo, Button, BatterySensor, LED}