j5.backends.dummy package


j5.backends.dummy.demo module

Dummy Backends for the demo boards.

class j5.backends.dummy.demo.DemoBoardDummyBackend[source]

Bases: j5.components.led.LEDInterface, j5.backends.base.Backend

The dummy implementation of the DemoBoard.


alias of j5.boards.j5.demo.DemoBoard

classmethod discover() → List[j5.boards.base.Board][source]

Discover boards available on this backend.

environment = <j5.backends.base.Environment object>
get_firmware_version(board: j5.boards.base.Board) → Optional[str][source]

Get the firmware version of the board.

get_led_state(board: j5.boards.base.Board, identifier: int) → bool[source]

Get the state of an LED.

set_led_state(board: j5.boards.base.Board, identifier: int, state: bool) → None[source]

Set the state of an LED.

j5.backends.dummy.env module

The Dummy Environment.

Module contents

Backends for the dummy environment.